Astronomy is the mother of all science and philosophy. Astronomy was first developed, when human being had first looked toward the space, then he looked toward his own body, so later Anatomy was developed, during his early jungle life. So, Life (extra-terrestrial-life) must also be evolved on other planets of the universe. Now, modern-science has also searched out the fossil-evidences of life (bacteria) on Mars-planet. So, in future, through such (any) unified-cosmocellular-view / principle; we will surely reach the extraterrestrial-life (ETL) or (a man-like or God-like) super-extraterrestrial-intelligence (SETI). No doubt, science (absolute-philosophy) always believes in its fact-finding physical-law, i.e. “to be seeing is to be believing”. But, with that, modern-science (mainly exobiology) also rationally  believes that “all the time, an absence of the evidence, does  not mean an evidence of the absence”.  Because, unlike our five physical-senses (viz. vision, hearing, taste, touch & smell) and physical-lab, nothing is restricted / impossible to nature’s-lab. For example: ultrasound-waves are daily  transmitted in the space / environment, but (without  help of  physical-instruments), a human-auditory-system can not hear them by itself; or its visual-system can not see the ultraviolet-rays or infrared-waves by itself etc.. That’s why, a subject of the astronomy is also not a purely mathematical-science, that all the time which should follow our most  restricted physical / mathematical-laws. Hence, its definition is explained like :  Astronomy  =  Physics  of the Space + Rational Philosophy.

            This vedically unified-cosmocellular-formula, “Brahmnde So Pinde, Pinde So Brahmande” ; (means whatever is present / occurred in universe is also similarly present / occurred in our human body / cell ) , has astroanatomically linked-up the both subjects of astronomy & anatomy. Where it emphasizes that the astronomy (space-science) is the mother of all the sciences / all the philosophies; that from which, first anatomy (human-science) was developed. Then, the rest of science / philosophy have gradually been developed, from astronomy. Because, when man became able to think during his most primitive-stage of jungle-life, he first looked upwards & then towards his body. So, in such a way, this book explains the chronological-events / matters, since an origin of the universe to till  today’s events / matters, through a (reverse-like) microscopic-study —– to——> telescopic-study or a quantum-mechanics ——> a general-theory of relativity. That  is taken-place, in an order of the unified cosomocellular-journey,– as from a Microcosmos ——>Macrocosmos; Cell (Anatomy) ——> Cosmos (Astronomy); Cosmic-Everythingness (Cosmic-Molecularism) ——> Cosmic-Nothingness (Cosmic-Nonmolecularism); & at-last, from the Superconscious-Human-Mind (SHM) ——> Cosmic-Master-Mind (SMM). So, because of, all these things, for a much better life of the human-being, if we can not  ignore the human-science ( Life-Science), then we can also not ignore the space-science. After-all, the human-body is the most miniatured cosmic-model of the universe, and its living-cell is the cosmocellular-unit; so  it (human-body / living-cell) contains all the potential cosmocellular-similarities.