You can not ignore the fact that sometime you are in search of truth of life, death & purpose of your existence. Here, author biologically explains about ‘Life’ which is just dynamic-expression of Nature’s special nonmolecular-energy-waves at different physical platforms like special molecular-levels of ecosystem of earth. These molecular-levels are biologically called “different Living-Species”. This dynamic exchange of energy is scientifically explained to answer the query, “Nothing lives forever, yet life continues, since evolution of the first life on earth”.

In, every Era has one Epic (Granth), andCosmocellular-Hypothesis is undoubtedly an exactly upcoming-epic (as millennium-metaphysics) of new-era. It took author’s more than 22 years, behind its Vedic-Research-Work under neutral scrutinization of modern-science’s laws. So, go for it, don’t waste time, thinking much after the purpose of having it in your special collections for whatever publication / individual use. Because, you can not ignore the fact that somewhere you are in search of Truth of life, death & purpose of your existence. This fact reflects in every paragraph of bookthat leaves reader dumbstruck, by presenting him some still unrevealed mysteries of own life & home the universe.

Dr. Kamlesh Patel born on 15th May, 1964 has mainly been working in the medical field, since 35 years and serving as an ICU-RMO, in several different renowned hospitals of Vadodara city in Gujarat. Apart from being an Anatomical analyst, he is also an astronomer and has been involved in various astronomical activities of the ‘Amateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara (AAAV).’ Alongside that, he is continues with agriculture as part of his Patel community’s heritage. Nature has, knowingly or unknowingly, inspired him to write this book, the beginning of which dates back to the year 1998.